Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Charles Gershkovich Project

The Charles Gershkovich Project was something that I started in the last few months of the summer. I was building up fictional characters through found images I had collected over a period of time and was then drawing narratives from my American side of my family but also building from scratch. I have such a wealth of materials to work with its started to feel like a burden and a responsibility to these pictures and their lost history that It was becoming more difficult to find a suitable resolution. It was when I started incorporate some of my own images I had taken over the summer that the project felt like a new breath had been taken. I also wanted to move from the photograph's into an instillation direction and pull certain objects, wall paper, lighting and atmosphere from the pictures into an instillation environment. The pictures that had the most potential to do this were my own photograph's. I'm now aiming to recreate certain scene's and memories from that period.

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