Thursday, 14 April 2011

Deutsche Guggenheim

I had watched a youtube clip of Agathe Snow before going to Berlin and felt that it was a dramatic and grand way of expressing simple ideas through the use of found imagery and global symbols. My fears were confirmed as soon as I walked through the revolving doors. I really shy away for heavily political work and work that uses global companies logo's as 21st century iconography. I find it all a bit obvious and easy to do and found that she had taken one idea and was given the funds to produce monuments. The scale and grandeur of the work doesn't mask it's underlying pastiche methods of taking on certain political ideas and utopian ideals. I personally shy away from voicing my own politics as I feel that I don't have all the facts to voice a coherent and educated opinion. I find that this type of work is done by someone with my level and understanding of politics but has used found/obvious imagery highlighting major political up evils in the last half century. It felt interesting visually as the scale of it was so large and there was so much to absorb but if you singled out aspects of it they seemed weak and cliché. Volume doesn't give quality. It's low-fi and DIY aspects were the only processes that I found worked well with her own constructions of a balcony to give another angle to view the work from.

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