Thursday, 14 April 2011


After Pip and myself had showcased 'Mementos' I still had all the equipment on hire for the weekend. It felt a waste to not put it to good use and treat it as if it was a home cinema. Reuben had recently bought Daft Punks 'Electroma' and this felt like an ideal time to view it. We added the candles to enhance the dramatics's of what we were about to watch as light hearted gimmick for ourselves. These candles proved to really amplify our experience of the film and highlighted poignant moments within the film itself. The first thing to strike me about this film was it's cinematography and it's use of the soundtrack. Within one of the opening scenes there is the image of an open highway with the deserts surrounding, this imagery is coupled with a low altering bass. This was extremely similar to 'Drive' as that was the same combination I had employed. It was a moment of personal justification as I felt this film was extremely well done and very interesting in it's dialogue between image and sound and these were techniques I had come to independently of the film. The film gave me grander ideas of where I could take future film ideas and has instantly influenced me in terms of the shifts in tonal moods that sound and imagery can share. The film also had no dialogue which gave it a richer visceral impact which is something that I feel I may have touched upon with 'The Great White'. The experience of watching this film was one that will stay with me as it was the best setting to view it. This viewing along with the viewing of 'The Great White' has highlighted the importance of presentation and setting, these are things that I haven't placed such great importance on until now.

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