Sunday, 7 November 2010

A Foundation.1

My experience with the A Foundations furnace space has been that of two sides of the same coin. The A foundations ability to bring the such diverse exhibitions is probably what gives it such charm within it's derelict surroundings. The first side I experienced was the busy, live experience of it's one night only exhibition called 'Wrong Love', an alternative night for Valentines day. The second being the more recent, a subtle and introverted exhibition featuring Japanese Artist and ex Self Defensive Forces recruit Sachiko Abe. These two events couldn't be further apart on the performance spectrum. One being a short sharp bursts of several performance piece's the other being a repetitive, endurance sculpture, lasting over several months.

I use the word 'Sculpture' loosely as she states this piece isn't a performance but more of live sculpture. I sort of understand where she is coming from in this statement as the sculpture is constantly being added to and growing but at the same time I feel like she is performing. As she props herself high above the viewer creating a Rapunzel type figure, the performance aspects are magnified by the amplifying of her sharp scissors snipping away at her sculpture. I do feel that within this large industrial space she has created an overwhelming sense of calm and you pick that up upon entering her space. This ties in well with her original urge to do this routine. These urges spilled over onto the paper as well with the creations of her complex and very detailed drawings. This complex web of lines serve as another relaxation and organisation period for the artist. I found that these were the B-sides to her paper cutting but added another intricate detail of this exhibition. Over the summer I did a series of drawing with pattern making and this reminded me of them but these far surpass my attempts in terms of detail and intricacies.

I had a chat recently with an artist about my work and she used the words "Narrative pattern making" which made me think of these early drawings and my rough narratives I've been constructing. I'm interested to explore if there is any common ground in these two aspects and have wondered if they could share any space within my project I'm working on at the moment.

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