Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Three short works in time

Three short works in time is a series of performance pieces by English Artist Andy Holden who has created in collaboration a performance piece that investigates the relationship between sculptural objects and sound. The work incorporates a 16mm film, a live camera feed, spoken word and a string quartet performing music by 'The Grubby Mitts (Holden's band) and Johnny Parry. I watched these pieces at The Victoria Gallery and Museum where the sweeping strings and the atmosphere of the surrounding walls worked perfectly in partnership. It was an interesting way to both tackle sculpture and sound, this pairing is something that I haven't come across often but Holden is a unique Artist who can use many different avenues of his creative mind to join together to create interesting and diverse junctions.

One of the pieces had a small child's play toy which was made of differently coloured columns which had a marble drop from layer to layer. This was fed live and projected onto the wall behind the performance; it was also amplified so there was a continuous circling and gentle dropping sound throughout the track. That piece was particularly hard to separate the sculpture from the sound but I felt like it worked really well and was something me and Andy had spoken about last year when I had a one to one tutorial. I was doing sound and light projections which were more of a type of sound and light sculpture so I found his input very valid.

The sounds which backed up the visuals maybe for me were at points weaker or became stale due to the sounds of violins and cello can grate on me over time. I feel that the overall ideas, sculpture's and spoken words brought it through to a great set of pieces and their entirety was something that I found really interesting and rich.

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