Sunday, 7 November 2010

A Foundation.2

The New Contemories Exhibition is an event which happens every year and it consists of third year art students, master's students or recently graduated students. It is a platform for young artists to show their work and is picked by a board of judges who change annually. This was my first time being exposed to this event and I was instantly aware that these artist's are roughly my age. On my first visit I was disappointed and didn't see much that I found too outstanding or above anything I haven't seen of some of the other student's I'm in contact with other than the general production value of the work was of a higher standard. After three or four visits I started to look closer at a few I had initially Ignored, Emma Hart's 'Dice', video is a perfect example of this.

The video is shot in a very basic D.I.Y fashion and it shows Emma playing a game with the sea. She has a large red dice which she rolls for herself and reads aloud what number it lands on. The she wait for the tide to roll in and takes the turn of the sea and the power of the tide pushes the dice over until it lands on it's own number. She reads the sea's number out too and announces the winner. It's a simple and funny idea which forced me to keep watching as I found it funny when she seemed genuinely disappointed when the sea 'won'. There were undertones of humour throughout the exhibition with pieces like Nick Mobbs 'Red Leather Sofa' 2009, and Kristian De La Riva 'Cut' 2009, and . These piece's are the ones that have stuck out in my mind

At the end of last year I employed humour in my work for the first time. It came about through laziness in all honesty but I think at the end of it I had learnt something new and possibly more from that then just plodding along with an idea. I had gone through the group crit's with half idea's and entire fictions, until it reached the point where I had nothing to show and we had a show coming up at the Novas Centre. The brief of this project was 'Wasting Time', so in a ironic fashion I deemed my entire project a 'waste' of time and then followed through with the idea of wasting other people's time, similar to what I had been doing with the tutors for several weeks. I came up with a comments box that was really a shredder, so when people filled in what they thought was a comment's sheet it would be placed into a shredder to their surprise. I also handed out 'Free Drinks' voucher's which ment that the public would walk up two flights of stairs only to get to the bar where they knew nothing of this arraignment.

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