Monday, 14 March 2011

Casa de Nada

Unfortunately mine and Pip's joint exhibition space Casa De Brujas has fallen through. After weeks of futile attempts at communication with the curator we went around there today only to find out that she had "left the country indefinitely" and the occupier of the property was in the process of "de-occupying it". This wasn't totally unexpected as it was something we felt could have happened at anytime. It has also given us the learning curve of nothing is set in stone and we ourselves are the only bankable commodity when it comes to our practice.

We have come up with the solution of exhibiting our work at Philippa's house, on Edge Lane. This works out better for us as we now have more control over the space and time. The size of the rooms are roughly the same as both Casa De Brujas and Edge Lane are old Edwardian houses. The date of the exhibition is now in flux but with a few more days behind us we should have pinned down the finer details. A momentary glitch on our exhibition.

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