Monday, 17 January 2011


I went to see the Altermodern exhibition during my foundation year, two years ago, with NEW College. It's where I discovered Gustav Metzgers 'Liquid Crystal Environments', but it certainly isn't where I discovered Altermoderism. I remember having vague conversations with my tutors at the time about the overall concept created by Bourriaud, but there was never a point where I found myself thinking about this potential new era of modern art. I didn't have enough background knowledge of Art's history to put it into context, that's only came recently for me. There are aspects of this new 'ism' that I've found I can relate to my most recent work with 'The Charles Gershkovich Project'. These area's have been running themes throughout my work of recent years and they are themes I feel I will continue to explore. Themes such as Docu-Fiction, Heterochronia, Boarders, Archive and Travel. Energy is another one of the themes Burriaud has touched upon that he feels "Modern Artists" are dealing with. I believe there are a lot of Artists dealing with these same issues and tackling Art in these ways and I think I've naturally stepped into these issues. Heterochronia is his most interesting idea and is something I tackled in my last essay. I believe it's his boldest but most accurate statement on today's Art and culture. "The last continent to be discovered is time" is something I feel is a incredibly insightful, powerful and is something that will only develop in the coming years.

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