Monday, 17 January 2011

No Colour.

Colour has dominated my fascinations for a very long time now but I've found myself recently being drawn to the opposite side of the spectrum, with no colour. I'm unsure where this gravitation has come from, weather it's been from recent album covers that I have been influenced by or if it's the natural progression from colour's dominance on my eye. I may be able to trace my recent allure to black and white photograph's back to a picture that I've had around me my entire life. I found a Walker Evans that my Mother had bought years ago, just lying around in the attic. I asked If I could take it to Liverpool with me as I had a bare wall and it's been in the family for so long going unappreciated. My attraction to the mundane and the pedestrian may have derived from this early exposer to Evans work. My Walker Evans has two gentlemen holding watermelons which is the only difference to the one shown below. I've also been looking at the work of more mundane photographers with their choice and use of the black and white. I recently found William Eggleston's pre-colour work and that's very interesting to see his early development. I also have recently bought Bill Owens Suburbia which was documented entirely in black and white. So I've attributed these recent exposers to my growing fondness to the grey scale and I want to develop on this by producing a series of black and whites such as the ones shown above.

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