Monday, 31 January 2011

Letters From BeeJie While In Berlin, Germany

I recently moved house which happens annually and whilst rummaging through boxes and family albums I discovered a purple folder which contents held a letter from my Grandmother to her Mother. She wrote these at the age of 18 whilst in Berlin only a few years after the Second World War. She was a Christian girl from a well to do family from North Carolina. It exposes her experiences whilst in a new country, the people she met, how she got there and what events took place whilst there. It's also an interesting insight into someone I never met as she passed away when my Mother was young. It's also interesting that I'm going to Berlin in March and there will be only a few years difference between us when we visited this part of Germany but at vastly different points within Berlin's history as a city. I feel this could turn into a project at some point.

There was also in depth research into The Davis' family and where their ancestors can be traced back to. It also had document titled 'Childhood memories of Jess and Lula Davis' which could be of interest for a possible future project.

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